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Wool sweater washing guide

Discover our advice from knitting experts to maintain your stitches

Conseils de lavage de la laine

Practical advice

▪️Lish the composiiton label well

▪️Low your sweater after bringing it at least 5 times

▪️ Request your sweater upside down before washing it

Wash your sweater by hand with cold or lukewarm water

▪️Low your dry dry sweater on a standstroke

▪️Pass your sweater delicately

A sweater can last a lifetime!

Do you want to wash your wool sweater and maintain it well to keep it as long as possible?

We invite you to follow our advice as manufacturer expert in the mesh.

How to wash and dry a woolen sweater?

Guide de lavage d'un pull en laine

Wash a woolen sweater

To wash a wool sweater, read the composition label to check whether the sweater goes to the machine or not. Then follow these tips:

If you wash the sweater by machine

▪️ Request your sweater upside down to avoid friction with the tomb of the machine

▪ !!!!

If you wash the sweater by hand

▪️Fy your sweater in lukewarm water at 30 ° maximum with the product of leaving, and rub it gently so as not to damage the fibers.

▪ !!!!

Séchage d'un pull en laine

Dry a woolen sweater

Wool sweaters or clothing in general tend to relax if they are on hangers or on a stand.

To dry your woolen sweater, follow these tips:

▪️ It is strongly forbidden to dry your sweater with dryer, whether in cotton or wool. Indeed the heat released by the machine will tend to bring the thread into itself, and your sweater will have shrunk!

▪️ Dry your wool sweater flat either on a laundry stock, or on a serve placed on the ground

▪️ You can iron your sweater with a classic iron. Be careful, do not leave it for too long so as not to damage the wire

▪️ Remember to always store your sweater flat and not on a hanger to prevent it from relaxing

For your information

Wool is a natural material, so it needs to be moistened regularly, this is what allows fibers to gain resistance and therefore makes it possible to slow down the bubble of the sweaters.

These subjects are alive, they sometimes just need to breathe! So remember to ventilate your sweater from time to time, and avoid wash it quite often if it has no tasks.

Washing instructions

The component labels generally complete symbols as an instructions for washing, drying and ironing clothes.

The supervised symbols are those concerning the maintenance of meshes.