The story of Tricots Jean Marc

Atelier Tricots Jean Marc année 70


Our story begins in the 1950s, this post-war period when the world resumes its rhythm, where our grandparents were going to see in the cinema "Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot", discovered the first televisions and rolled in 2CV or Citroën Ds.

Garbis Baratian and Jacques Balian, one of his childhood friends, install their first knitting machine in their garage in Clamart, in the Paris region ...

Atelier Tricots Jean Marc année 70


In fact, it is even before the story of knitting Jean Marc began, in the 1920s, when the first Armenians (the parents of our grandparents) arrived in Europe by the Mediterranean.

They come to work in the major French factories in the automotive industry and some begin to make sweaters handcrafted. The first preparation and knitting workshops were born in the southwest of Paris at that time.

Ancien modèle de pull année 70


In the seventies, we counted up to 250 sweaters manufacturers! These are both joyful and laborious years where the whole Armenian community of Clamart and Issy-les Moulineaux works to produce up to 100,000 pieces per day. Knittings and meshes that will then go around the world.

It was Jean Marc and David, the sons of Garbis who wished at that time that the company is transformed. In view, they become a manufacturer, that is to say that they no longer produce only for a customer but also for themselves, with the creation part that this implies.

Tricots Jean Marc now distributes sweaters by mastering the manufacturing channel from A to Z. It was at this time that we became a workshop brand.

Mélik Baratian dans l'atelier Tricots Jean Marc


Today, we are one of the last heirs of this time when the Internet did not even exist! If we are still there, it is thanks to our great knowledge of the mesh, the thread and the manufacture of a sweater. And of course because we are still working with family.

This passion for knitting transmitted for three generations is a treasure that we are enjoying offering you by thinking of modern and soft stitches. In our workshop in the Paris region, we hear the sweet purr of knitting machines that assemble threads of all colors. We adjust the needles, the knitting point ... All our sweaters are thought of and made in the same place!

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