What is Hipli?

Hipli, it is a package designed to be reused 100 times with optimized logistics for it to be really.

Hipli reusable packages are available as an option on our site so that the reception of your hipli order is always a choice.

Upon receipt of your order, you discover your purchases and fold the package by following the instructions on the back.


• You choose the Hipli reusable package delivery option.

• You receive your order and collect your products.

• You fold the Hipli package and send it back for free by sliding it into the mailbox of the post office. (A QR code is present on the package to locate the nearest mailbox.)

To return the empty envelope to Hipli, go toHipli To take advantage of a promo code from Hipli's partner brands.

In the event of a product return, glue the return label on the envelope and place the package at La Poste.

The impact of your gesture

By choosing the Hipli package delivery option, you no longer throw parcels in your trash cans and you make an effective gesture to reduce the impact of e-commerce.

A hipli package is a simple and effective way to avoid waste and limit 77% the carbon footprint of your package.

The hipli package is reusable up to 100 times. However, each unpaid package is a new package that must be produced. Remember to return your package to be repaired or recycled.