Take care of your sweater


Washing and drying

If your sweater has no tasks, wash it after bringing it at least 5 times to prevent the machine drum from damaging it. Natural materials also love to be simply ventilated. It is important to wash your sweaters from time to time because the fibers should be moistened in order to be more resistant, which will slow the bubbling. It is also advisable to return your sweater upside down before putting it in the drum, so that it is the interior of your sweater that is in contact with the walls and not the outside which is visible.


Washing by hand or in a cold machine or wool program not exceeding 20 degrees and using a soft laundry and especially no softener.


Storage and maintenance

It is advisable not to suspend a sweater on a hanger, this could distort the stitch.

Favor storage carefully folded in your closet.


And if your sweater Tricots Jean Marc undergoes a shock in the future, a knit is undone, reveals a